StereoPhotoLab Lite

How to make a stereo image from a stereo pair?

Stereo images are edited in anaglyph (= colour separated) mode. The final image, however, can be an interlaced, a side by side, or an anaglyph image. Therefore, in order to edit stereo images, you need to have anaglyph stereo (3D) glasses, where the left lens is red and the right lens is either cyan or green. Such glasses can be purchased e.g. from Amazon. The red-green glasses only work for black-and-white anaglyph images.

Open and display a stereo pair

• File -> Open (or from the starting window you can also press button ‘Open Image’) or
• File -> Open Left and Right Images as Stereo Pair (in case you have the stereo pair as separate images)

The following file formats are accepted for input:
• MPO (multiple picture object, used by some stereo cameras)
• jps (a jpg image consisting of a stereo pair side by side)
• pns (similar to jps but in png format)
• jpg/jpeg
• png

After opening, a stereo pair will be displayed as side by side.

Stereo Pair

Note that you can open multiple images at the same time.

Anaglyph layers

Display the stereo pair as anaglyph layers - either colour or black and white.

• Display Stereo -> Colour Anaglyph Layers - or
• Display Stereo -> Black and White Anaglyph Layers

Stereo as anaglyph layers



The upper layer (right eye image) can be moved or rotated using one of the toolbar tools ‘XY’, ‘X’, ‘Y’, or ‘Rotate’.

If you have taken the stereo pair photographs as two consecutive shots with an ordinary camera and moved the camera horizontally slightly between the shots, it is almost certain that the orientations of the two images are not exactly the same. This can be corrected by selecting the 'Rotate' tool and rotating the right eye image (upper layer) with the mouse until the orientation is the same in both images.

Align the XY-position of the upper layer using the ‘XY’, ‘X’, and/or ‘Y’ tool so that the image becomes comfortable to view and that you get the desired 3D effect.

Stereo as anaglyph layers



Crop the image to the size you like by selecting an area with the 'Selection' tool and choosing

Image -> Crop.

Stereo as anaglyph layers


Adjust contrast, brightness, and gamma

You can adjust the contrast, brightness, or gamma curve by choosing

• Enhance -> Contrast/Brightness/Gamma,

and using the sliders to change the image.