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[Use red-cyan or red-green stereo glasses for viewing this page.]

StereoPhotoLab helps you prepare stereo photos that produce rich depth (3D) perception and have high aesthetic quality.



Key features

A stereo pair can be presented as anaglyph (colour coded) layers. For comfortable viewing, the layers can be manually aligned with respect to horizontal and vertical position as well as to orientation.

Other basic image manipulations include the following:

• crop
• resize
• rotate
• contrast
• brightness
• gamma
• multiple undo
and redo
• revert to original

The output image options are:

• colour anaglyph
• black and white
• interlaced
• side by side.



Further info:

How to edit a stereo image ▶

Example images ▶


A full version of the software with a lot more features will be released at a later stage.